Monday, June 06, 2005

BMJ Shuts down AIDS dissent

BMJ Policy change

For a long time now, AIDS dissidents have been using the BMJ rapid responses to tout their cause. Several have been claiming "publication" in the BMJ, despite the obvious nature of the RR's - more like that of a Bulletin Board. Myself and others wasted countless hours of our time trying to shut them down and point out their errors for the public. For the last few months at least they've been quiet, as apparently the major players got fed up and/or realised the futility of the exercise.

Now the BMJ has brought in new guidelines for Rapid Responses. Not only that, but they have specifically recognized the "AIDS deniers", meaning that despite allowing their posts to remain online, they consider them to be a flawed viewpoint.

A small victory perhaps, in a war that should never have started.


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