Friday, January 19, 2007

Official Complaint made to BBC about Liam Scheff's ICC lies

Ah, someone else has taken up the torch of the ICC story. For those who aren't aware check out this post and this one on the story of how AIDS denialists managed to con the BBC into telling the story of alleged abuses of foster kids in New York City. In truth the kids were provided access to therapies already approved in adults under the protection of a formal clinical study.

It looks as if we might just maybe be able to get the whole thing retracted. Finger's crossed... Enough damage has been done already by the dissidents without poisoning the minds of the gullible further.


Blogger Freda189 said...

Hi Bennett

I read your comments with interest, and commend you.
Let me introduce myself. I have a Phd in pharmacology from McGill University in Canada, and have been a practicing pharmacist since 1988 with the government here, liason HIV pharmacist for the province. I became HIV positive after an incident with a patient in Feb of 2000
I have been fighting the dissidents since 1998, and at best find them, rude, crass and uneducated. Constantly parroting old theories.

I have been sworn at, threatened, and in general verbally abused.
There were also physical threats made at one point.

They infiltrated several internet groups I run for support, as well as chat rooms.

As a real physical force, they are paper tigers. Only once have I seen them show at a conference, and then it was to heckle and physically assault people leaving lectures. Not a good thing

I commend you on your blog. If I can help, in anyway, please, feel free to contact me


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