Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Eliza Jane

I mentioned in responses to a prior post that I wasn't wanting to weigh in on the debate and controversy surrounding the sad death of Eliza Jane, daughter of the well known dissident Christine Maggiore. At that time nothing was known, nothing had been said other than hearsay, and frankly it was entirely inappropriate to do anything.

Then the pathologist's report came out, blaming her death on an AIDS-related pneumonia ( I assumed PCP or CMV pneumonitis or somesuch for that kind of statement to be made ). I still held my tongue, as without knowing the facts there was still nothing to be said.

But recently dissident Dr Al-Bayati has put in his four-penn'orth, presumably at the urging (hiring?) of Christine to counter the autopsy report. His report is terribly, terribly flawed.

In response I wrote my own report. I have nothing to say about Christine other than to extend my sincere condolences (as I have done already). This has nothing to do even, really, with EJ as a case. As you'll see, my report mostly deals with the evidence Al-Bayati uses in his arguments and how flawed they are.

My report has been very kindly hosted here by Trent McBride.

There are other rebuttals out there as it happens, some from other scientists or physicians, some from people who simply have a head on their shoulders and some common sense. I don't claim to have written anything special. But I simply couldn't stand by and let the misinformation of Al-Bayati go without responding.