Tuesday, February 08, 2005

With friends like these...

Well, so much for appreciation! This rather long-winded discussion started off reasonably enough but quickly turned nasty when I pointed out that the source (Harvey Bialy) was wrong. Bialy promptly lost it... and has started spamming my work email with vaguely insulting messages. God Bless filters :o)

The host then turned rather nasty by jumping to a whole bunch of conclusions - but I suppose what can you expect from someone who swallows the AIDS dissident crap hook-line and sinker?

The good news, I have at least now got a discussion going on with Prof Duesberg, so maybe the next post here will be more useful.

In the meantime, the third link with contributions I made to the Esmay Blog is here.


Blogger Parcho said...

I just noticed you stepped out of the discussion. It's disappointed the way you were treated...

But you've got respect from Me, Jenks, Catch, and Noble--just check out this:

Keep up the fight, but don't forget that sometimes there is just no convincing of certain people.

If ya ever need a blog to read...just head on over. We'll be nice...I promise.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Bennett said...

Cheers Jeremy, it's nice to know that someone at least was appreciating the efforts!

Bennett :o)

11:14 PM  
Blogger geekesque said...

Esmay is a howling loony, a worthy rightwing counterpart to the "Bush did 9/11" nutjobs on the left.

He accused you of poisoning children, in addition to calling you a fraud and a liar. I'd consider suing his stupid, crazy ass.

Though, I do have to admit, that while I found his previous arguments unpersuasive, his liberal use of the word "fucking" as in "There is no fucking AIDS virus. There is no fucking AIDS virus. THERE IS NO FUCKING AIDS VIRUS."

5:16 AM  
Blogger geekesque said...

The above comment should end with "almost had me convinced."

5:21 AM  

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