Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Anti-Dissident Site

I was recently put in touch with a vocal anti-Dissident, which is a refreshing change. All too often I find that the scientists are too quiet and those who don't know what they're talking about are too loud...

Check out DaveyBoy's link above or in the Links section (he was kind enough to link back here!). He's done some impressive work pulling a lot of sites together so deserves more than a little recognition. While not a scientist he has first-hand experience of HIV and is certainly aware of the problems that Dissidents can cause, most relevant being their ongoing attacks on orthodox support groups and information forums. How heinous can you get...


Blogger Bennett said...

Heheh. Nice try. There are quite enough Dissident sites out there, and I'm not about to give them a forum. I've been censored, and the Dissident boards are moderated far more tightly than the Orthodox ones. So, with no disrespect intended, tough shit.

The comments are being left operational for the use of those with something between their ears. I can quite happily shut them down :o)

9:26 PM  
Blogger Bennett said...

Like I said Dave, it makes a refreshing change to find someone who is loud about the Orthodoxy. I met several on A couple of them died of AIDS.

I've spent long enough (for me) hammering my head against a wall in discussion groups, so I'm putting up a more concrete set of thoughts.

9:54 AM  

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